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1.    MeteoGroup Schweiz AG provides private users a source code for the usage of the MeteoGroup Schweiz AG Website Weather Box (hereinafter: “Weather box”). Usage of weather box for private purposes only; no right to use it with business or commercial websites. The commercial and/or business usage of the weather box is not permitted.

2.    The usage of the weather box shall be subject to these terms of use. By installing the weather box, the user agrees to be bound by theses terms of usage.

3.    The weather box may only be used on the website of the respective user. More than two different weather boxes per website may not be used. The source code and/or the weather box contents, such as values or data, may not be made available to a third party. The user has neither right to edit the weather box or its source code nor to use it for advertising or other purposes that are not agreed upon in the contract.

4.    MeteoGroup Schweiz AG reserves the right to change the weather box or all the related functions and data completely or parts of it at any time or to discontinue this service completely or temporarily. The user cannot claim this service.

5.    MeteoGroup Schweiz AG exercises the utmost care in processing the information contained on this website using methods based on state-of-the-art meteorological science and technology. A number of factors may potentially cause the actual weather situation to deviate from the forecasts currently portrayed on this site. In fact, MeteoGroup Schweiz AG’s products and services are forecasts based on experience with certain probabilities. Deviations from the actual weather situation cannot be excluded.

6.    For damages in case of slight negligence MeteoGroup Schweiz AG shall only be liable if the neglected contractual duty is deemed essential for achieving the purpose of the contract. For all other cases of slight negligence liability of MeteoGroup Schweiz AG shall be excluded. In case of liability as stated above or in case of liability independent of negligence, liability shall be limited to the type of damage that was foreseeable when the contract was made. Above liability exemptions and limitations will not apply for damages involving injury to a person’s life or soundness of body and health.

7.    The user will indemnify MeteoGroup Schweiz AG from and against any and all third party claims which are raised due to unlawful usage of the weather box.